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Founder:  Andrea Watts
Address:  3630 Vashon Lane, Spring, TX 77388
Executive Officers
President - Kinley and Mrs. Allison Hanson
1st Vice President - Membership - Mackenzie Landis and Mrs. Melissa Landis
2nd Vice President - Service - Samantha and Mrs. Kim Rosamilia
Secretary - Payton and Mrs. Amy Perez
Treasurer - Wendy & Mrs. Rachel Wood
Parliamentarian - Kayleigh Meachem and Ms. Kim Chopra
Committee Chairmen

Fundraiser Co-Chairperson - Jamison and Mrs. Amy Crafts

Fundraiser Co-Chairperson - Kennedy and Mrs. Aimee Lightfoot

Legacy Ball Co-Chairperson - Reagan & Mrs. Jennifer Wammack

Legacy Ball Co-Chairperson -Lauren & Mrs. Karen Sossaman 

Membership Induction Co-Chairperson - Meredith & Mrs. Elizabeth Linnell
Program Chairperson - Sage Cappi and Mrs. Kim Cappi-Steele
Communications Web/Social Media Chairperson - Maya Kim and Ms. Kristin Turner
Social Committee Co-Chairperson - Abby & Mrs. Angela Reed
Provisional Chairperson -Wendy & Ms. Rachel Wood
Senior Age Group Chairperson - Madison and Mrs. Calena Morris
Junior Age Group Chairperson - Kalista and Mrs. Deana Germany
Sophomore Age Group Chairperson - Avery and Ms. Deana Fuhr
Freshman Age Group Chairperson - Maddie and Mrs. Tasha Nissen

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